Inclusive is the new Exclusive!

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Inclusive is the new Exclusive!

By Rhian Cowburn (Studio Founder)

At Strong + Bendy we believe INCLUSIVE IS THE NEW EXCLUSIVE

It used to be the case that if you could afford to, you’d choose your gym based on how exclusive it was… social media influencer trainers, Kiehl’s products in the bathrooms and one type of ‘perfect’ body pushed upon you that you were meant to be striving for.  But we’ve seen an exciting shift in the industry for customers caring about their gym being inclusive rather than exclusive.

Strong + Bendy is a for-profit business and we appreciate we aren’t ‘cheap’ (sadly rents and rates in Hackney Wick dictates our pricing), however our impact on the local community is really important to us and we strive to make fitness inclusive and accessible where we can.

Below is some more information on the community work we do and you can read in more detail here. 


Free Community Yoga Class

A free weekly class aimed at those less able to afford to pay for yoga in a studio

Free inclusive classes for adults with learning disabilities

Battling isolation through age and ability inclusive, fun fitness. Classes bring together participants with with learning disabilities and/ or neurodiveristy.

Solidarity with Striking Workers

Free classes for those on strike. We stand in solidarity with striking workers in London including nurses and teachers.

Free Community Memberships

5% of our memberships at any one time are FREE for people in the local community who cannot afford to pay for a studio membership or would benefit from studio fitness due to a health condition

20% NHS Discount

Work for our lovely NHS? We❤️you! Just let us know and we’ll reduce your membership price down by 20%.