About us

About us

Unique fitness studio

At Strong + Bendy we believe no one should feel intimidated when walking into a fitness space. Everyone is welcome, regardless of fitness level.

We are London’s most unique fitness destination, the only studio in the UK that offers both indoor and outdoor workouts. Check out our beautiful outdoor studio here.

No Toxic Gym Culture

We are part of a movement that’s reclaiming exercise from the toxic wellness industry.  Strong + Bendy is an inclusive studio that rejects the ‘norms’ of traditional gyms; we don’t believe anyone should be pressured to transform their body.

There are no expectations of how you should look or what your fitness level is to take one of our classes.  More information on if you are new to exercise, are neurodiverse or use a wheelchair.


A diet free zone 

You will never hear us talk about weight-loss, fasting, calorie restriction, or ‘clean’ eating.  We do not believe that diet and exercise need to be so intrinsically linked. The latest fad diet has no place here. 


Community Work

We try as much as we can to positively impact our local community, offering free classes, inclusive classes for adults with learning needs, free memberships, NHS discounts and more. You can read more about our community impact here.


Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stigma

Our instructors have taken the Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stigma (FPAWS) course.

Often fitness professionals suggest weight is controllable and if you fail in doing so, you just didn’t try hard enough. This is scientifically inaccurate (or bullshit to put it more bluntly 😂). We will never assume weight loss as a goal for a customer.


Genuine knowledge and experience

Owners, Twin sisters, Mouse + Rhi have a long list of their own sporting achievements, including ultra-marathons, endurance swims, Ironmans and even a world record! However they’ve created a welcoming environment that’s open to all. The Strong + Bendy team can help you reach a fitness goal, or simply help you enjoy exercising. 




Exclusively for new customers!


Runs for 10 consecutive days from date of your first class.


Runs for 25 consecutive days from date of your first class.
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Strong + Bendy’s work in the local community!

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How we cater to neurodivergent folks?

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Tired of gyms pressuring you to change your body? So are we!


The friendliest teachers in East London. You will never feel intimidated trying a class with us!
Boxing Instructor


Anika | It’s hard to believe someone this nice can punch that hard 🥊😂 Teaches Boxing, Battle Ropes and TRX with endless enthusiasm.

julie mass


Julie | Our master of strength training. Julie never runs out of new and inventive ways to make you burn!

Tessa Stannard


Tessa | Brings her theatre and dance background to her POP HIIT Pilates and Dance Classes. Expect sassy routines and hype girl energy!

Strong and Bendy Studio Manager contact today with your query


Julia | Studio Manager | Feel free to ask our resident Scandinavian gal for help regarding Strong + Bendy at julia@strongandbendy.co.uk!

jess flood


Jess Flood | Brings a calmness and kindness to her yoga flows and meditation.

Twerking Classes Hackney Wick


Nana | The QUEEN of Twerking and Dancehall. Nana runs empowering dance workshops that leave you feeling on top of the world!

Anthony Selwyn


Anthony | Brings his dancers background + deep knowledge of anatomy to his yoga classes focused on improving flexibility.

Rhian Cowburn


Rhi | Strong + Bendy founder, battle ropes world record breaker, 12 hours of burpee contender and all round monkey on the pull-up bars! You can find hear teaching Circuits, POP HIIT Pilates, Battle Ropes + more.

Samantha Stone yoga


Samantha | Helps you find your fierce with her powerful flows, fun arm balancing and awesome playlists.

Faye Mouse Bell


Mouse | Strong + Bendy founder | The queen of kettlebells, expect expert technique and advanced moves in her classes.

Vinyassa and Yin Yoga by Hongyi


Hongyi | Brings kindness & calming energy to Vinyasa & Yin classes.

Grace Power Yoga Teacher


Grace | Powerful but welcoming Vinyasa flow yoga from a friendly northerner (+ our BFF!)

Katy teaches circuits, pilates and battle ropes


Katy | Our pocket rocket: big workouts from a small package! Battleropes, Circuits and Pop HIIT Pilates.


Gary (“Baby G”)

Little G | Studio Hound | Motivating barks and post work-out cuddles.


Friendly trainers teaching the best indoor and outdoor classes in Hackney Wick.

Outdoor Studio

Outdoor classes in our unique outdoor studio in Hackney Wick.

The most exciting place to do a workout in East London.

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Indoor Studio

Our indoor studio is on the ground floor and opens out onto our beautiful outdoor gym. Filled with natural light and plenty of fresh air it’s the perfect place to practise yoga and our try signature class POP HIIT Pilates.

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Battle Ropes

You will not find this class anywhere else in East London or beyond! We are the only fitness studio or gym in Hackney Wick that offers battle ropes classes. Expect tough cardio and strength training all rolled into one in this unique fitness class.

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Pop HIIT Pilates

This fitness class is totally unique to Strong + Bendy. Expect pilates inspired moves and interval training choreographed to music.

An incredible all over body workout that is so fun you’ll hardly notice how hard you’re working!

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Strong + Bendy Workout

A challenging class that uses Water Rowers and Airbikes along with dumbbells and bodyweight moves for your endurance and strength training all rolled into one!

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Strength Circuits

The most popular fitness class on our timetable. Outdoor exercise classes don’t get any more challenging or motivating than this! Try everything from battle ropes, to pull-up bars and TRX all in one class.

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Kettlebell classes in London are not easy to find. At Strong + Bendy we have a wide range of Kettlebells (from 2kg – 24kg) and experienced trainers to help you get the most out of this amazing workout.

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Our yoga teachers are some of the most sought after in East London, leading you through unique and challenging practises.

We have one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Hackney.

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Community Classes + Memberships

Accessible and free classes for the local community!

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Dance Parties

The best Hen, Birthday and Work parties in Hackney Wick.

Learn an iconic dance routine!

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