If you have a question that isn’t answered below, get in touch on julia@strongandbendy.co.uk

My first visit

It’s my first visit, what do I need to know?

Please bring your own water bottle, everything else you need for your class we provide. 

Please arrive ready in your kit if possible, but if you need to change we do have small changing rooms. 

Showers are available- please bring your own towel (we provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash).

Outdoor classes will go-ahead outdoors in all weather so please dress accordingly. 

Lockers are provided, no need to bring a padlock they are locked with a £1 coin.

I’m new to exercise, what’s the best class for me?

Click here for more information on the right class for you if you are new to exercise.

Is the studio and any of your classes wheelchair accessible?

Yes! The studio is accessible and our battle ropes class is suitable if you use a wheelchair. Click here for more info.

More information for neurodiverse customers

Click here for more information to help our neurodiverse customers plan their first visit and choose a class.

Booking + Cancellation

Can I cancel a class once I’ve booked in?

Classes are subject to our 8 hour cancellation policy: if you cancel your class more than 8 hours before the class start time you get to keep your credit to use against another class. However if you cancel less than 8 hours before the start time this will use up one of your credits. 


I’ve bought passes or a membership, how do I book in?

All classes must be booked in advance by logging into your account on our website, or by downloading the MINDBODY app and searching for Strong and Bendy.


If you run out of classes more can be purchased either on our website or via Mindbody app. If you regularly use more than your class allocation you may want to discuss upgrading your subscription to unlimited access.

Do you accept walk-ins/ can I pay cash?

No. All classes must be pre-booked either via our website or MINDBODY app.  We cannot accept cash or face to face bookings.

Can you put a credit back onto my account for a class I missed or cancelled late?

If you have extenuating circumstances that mean you cancelled a class late (within in the 8 hour cancellation window) you can email our manager Julia@strongandbendy.co.uk and she may be able to credit the class back onto your account as a one-off.

If you no-showed and did not attempt to cancel at all, we cannot credit the class back onto your account regardless of the circumstances.

We are nice (promise!) but please don’t regularly ask that we credit classes back onto your account. 

It’s against our nature to be strict, but we have to be in order to run a viable business and keep Strong + Bendy open for the customers who love visiting us. 



How does the waitlist work?

If a class is at capacity a waitlist opens up.

If you’re on a waitlist for a class, please regularly check your emails and texts as if someone cancels you will be automatically added onto the class list and notified via email and text. 

If I’m on the waitlist should I show up at the studio just in case?

No, only show up if your account shows you as booked in.  We’d hate to have to turn you away.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your own water bottle and sweat towel if you use one.  

Everything else you need for your class we will provide.

If I’m late for a class can I still join in?

If you miss the warm up (the first 5 – 10 minutes of class) it may not be safe to participate so we would have to turn you away. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

Can you check me into a class I didn’t attend?

We often get asked if we can check people into classes they didn’t attend in order to save them a no-show fee from partners such as ClassPass.

Unfortunately the answer is no. For insurance purposes we need an accurate record of who attended each class.

I’m afraid we have no control over third party fines for not attending classes, the only way to avoid a fee is to ensure you cancel within their cancellation window.


Can I get a refund or pause a class or bundle of classes I’ve bought?

We do not offer refunds, pauses or extensions on passes.


It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase a class or pack of classes at a time when they know they will be able to use them up within the timeframe.



I want to sign up to a membership, what do I need to know?

If you want to visit Strong + Bendy regularly, a membership is the most cost effective way to do so. If you sign up to a membership via our website your card will be automatically charged each month and your membership will renew.

The classes included in your membership must be used within the month and do not roll over. If you do not use all your passes each month you can downgrade to a smaller membership or you may be better suited to buying our drop in classes as paying as you go. 

Can I pause my membership?

Yes we offer membership pauses, but only once you’ve completed your minimum 2 month membership commitment.

More info here. 

If I don’t use all my passes in the month do they roll over?

No, unused passes do not roll over into the following month, so make sure you use them in your membership period!

If you do not use all your passes each month you can downgrade to a smaller membership or you may be better suited to buying our drop in classes as paying as you go. 

Am I tied into a contract?

You are only tied into a minimum commitment of 2 months, after that you can cancel at any time just email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk if you want to make any updates to your membership. 


I’ve used all the passes included in my membership, what should I do?

You can buy one off classes or a bundle to tide you over until your subscription renews. You can buy them the same place you book into your classes (either via our website or the MindBody app).

If you’re consistently exceeding your class limit it will be more economical for you to upgrade your subscription to include more classes each month. You can email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk to help choose the right package for you.

Why is there a minimum 2 month commitment when signing up with a discounted first month?

We do not make money out of your discounted first month, it’s something we offer as a way of demonstrating how much you’ll love Strong + Bendy and letting you try out a membership in a cost effective way for you.

We therefore need to keep a member for the minimum 2 months commitment. As a small business we ask you to respect this if you take your discounted first month.

If you’d rather not be signed into a minimum 2 months we have pay as you go options.

What terms apply when I buy an unlimited class membership?

Please only book into classes you intend on attending. Please do not pre book into classes ‘just in case’ as it will mean classes appearing fully booked, but spaces being left unused, which isn’t fair on other customers.

We appreciate that sometimes life gets in the way and you do occasionally end up missing a class you’ve booked into. Which is why 4 times each month you can late cancel a class (this means cancelling a class within our 8 hour cancellation window) .

Please do not just ‘no show’. If you can’t attend, even if you remember just a few minutes before, please do login and cancel your space so it can be offered to someone else.

If you late cancel or no show more than 4 times in a month, then you will be contacted with a (friendly!) warning to please only book into classes you attend. If you do this repeatedly unfortunately our only option would be to change you onto a membership with a set number of classes per month.


Do you offer Personal Training?

Many of our instructors also offer one-to-one Personal Training sessions.

If there’s a teacher you’re interested in having personal training with please email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk and she can put you in touch.

Each coach will set their own rates.

Do you have showers and changing?

We have shower facilities for those who identify as female. 

Please bring your own towel. 

We ask that you arrive in your kit ready to exercise where possible. 

I’m pregnant or post-natal can I come to a class?

If you’re pregnant you can typically continue exercising at the same level of intensity you were used to pre-pregnancy. However, as a general rule it is not encouraged to increase the intensity of your exercise once you are pregnant. Please let us know in advance of the clases you wish to attend. 

If you’re postnatal you’re welcome to attend a class as soon as you have the go-ahead from a health professional (usually 6 weeks post birth) and you feel ready. 

We don’t currently offer specific pre/ postnatal classes, but we do have some instructors with pre/ postnatal qualifications who can offer appropriate modifications to make their classes safe and fun for you! Please email studio owner Rhian if you have any questions or need reassurance: rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk. Rhi is pre/post natal qualified. 

I haven’t exercised in a long time, what’s the best class for me?
I have an injury/ I’m in pain, can I still come to class?

It’s often possible to accommodate an injury or pain you have by modifying the class to suit your individual needs. It’s really dependent on the nature/ severity of your complaint and the advice you’ve been given by a health professional. 

Often participants come with mild knee, ankle, wrist, and lower back pain; which can be worked around. It’s a good idea to come early to class to discuss your needs with the instructor. For anything more serious please contact us in advance to discuss rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk

Can you accommodate my disability?

Each disability and individual experience is unique and we recognise that not all disabilities are visible. If you need additional support in order to enjoy a class at Strong + Bendy please get in touch so we can discuss how to best support you.

Our studio is wheelchair accessible and our battle ropes class can be done in a wheelchair. Click here for more info. 

How do I get to Strong + Bendy?

We’re esaily accessible by bike, walking or public transport from Victoria Park, Chobham Manor, Leyton, Clapton, Homerton, Hackney and Stratford.

We’re a few minutes walk from Hackney Wick overground station.

Bike racks are available on site. Please do not wheel your bike into the Strong + Bendy entrance: the bike racks are located to the rear of Thingy Cafe which is through the gate to the right of the Strong + Bendy entrance.