Inquiring about gyms in Victoria Park?

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Inquiring about gyms in Victoria Park?

If you live near Victoria Park and are ready to start your fitness journey we’re so glad you’ve found us, as we offer so much more than a traditional gym. 

We bring you East London’s best fitness classes in our outdoor gym and indoor studio. Whether you’re looking for strength training, yoga, pilates or cardio – we have everything you need for an amazing workout. 

London’s most unique fitness studio, here in Hackney!

Our trainers genuinely care about giving you the best possible workout, and they come from a diverse range of backgrounds from boxers, to endurance athletes, world record holders and more! 

Our outdoor gym is set in a unique garden environment, surrounded by our beautiful willow tree.  Our indoor studio opens out onto the garden and we deliver the best Yoga and POP HIIT Pilates classes in East London.

We’re easy to reach from Victoria Park 

We are located in Hackney Wick, a nice walk across Victoria Park. If you exit the park at Molesworth Gate (the most northern point of the park) we are a few minutes away on Trowbridge Road. 

Worth the Visit 

Our indoor and outdoor exercise classes always get 5 star reviews, you can read more here. 

“It’s such an inviting, empowering gym with a real personal feel to it. It is the gym equivalent of going to Cheers bar! Also the classes and instructors are brilliant – you can tell everyone really loves what they do.”- Sahar – Strong + Bendy member. 

Explore the local area after class 

If you visit Strong + Bendy on a Sunday don’t forget to pass by the Farmers Market in Victoria park (between Bonner Gate and Gore Gate.) You’ll be sure to find a delicious pre or post workout snack!


All of these amazing classes just 10 minutes walk from Victoria Park!

Outdoor Gym

We run outdoor classes in our unique outdoor gym in Hackney Wick. Forget your typical resistance machines in the park, this is so much more.

We offer pull-up bars, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX (+ more) in a beautiful environment. The most exciting place to do a workout in East London.

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Indoor Studio

Our indoor studio is on the ground floor and opens out onto our beautiful outdoor gym. Filled with natural light and plenty of fresh air it’s the perfect place to practise yoga and our try signature class POP HIIT Pilates.

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We offer different styles of yoga to suit your mood, including Vinyasa, Yin and Mandala Yoga. Our yoga teachers are some of the most sought after in East London, leading you through unique and challenging practises.

We have one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Hackney.

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Dance Classes

Our dance classes include Dancehall, CheerFit (dance fitness with pom poms!) as well as dance workshops learning signature routines from the Pussycat Dolls, Megan Thee Stallion, Britney Spears and more. Some of the most fun dance classes in Hackney.

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Battle Ropes

You will not find this class anywhere else in East London or beyond! We are the only fitness studio or gym in Hackney Wick that offers battle ropes classes. Expect tough cardio and strength training all rolled into one in this unique fitness class.

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If you’re looking for a boxing class in East London our class has the perfect combination of technique, footwork and HIIT training to keep you fit and learn basic boxing skills along the way.

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Pop HIIT Pilates

This fitness class is totally unique to Strong + Bendy. Expect pilates inspired moves, combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT) all choreographed to music.

An incredible all over body workout that is so fun you’ll hardly notice how hard you’re working!

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Strength Circuits

The most popular fitness class on our timetable. Outdoor exercise classes don’t get any more challenging or motivating than this! Try everything from battle ropes, to pull-up bars and TRX all in one class.

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Kettlebell classes in London are not easy to find. At Strong + Bendy we have a wide range of Kettlebells (from 2kg – 24kg) and experienced trainers to help you get the most out of this amazing workout.

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TRX Training

London’s only TRX class held outside in a beautiful outdoor gym. Outdoor exercise classes in London don’t get any cooler than this. Work on your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility in this fun fitness class.

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Personal Training

Personal Trainers in East London don’t come much better than this. Our head coach (Rhi, who’s also the studio’s co-founder) has a background in endurance sports and is a world record holder. Whatever your fitness goal… you’ll be in good hands.

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