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Stag + Hen Party Ideas Hackney
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Stag + Hen Party Ideas Hackney Wick

By Chloe Bassett (Studio Manager)

Stag and Hen Party Ideas in Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick stag and hens know how to throw a damn good party!  If you’re looking for unique party ideas or unusual activities for the big day, then look no further as we’ve compiled a list of our favourites:


Strong + Bendy’s Stag + Hen Parties 

Our gorgeous studio and fitness garden is the PERFECT place for your stag or hen do activities! We run 90-minute, tailor-made dance workshops (more info here) or we can host your grown up sports day!

Choose from:

Dance Workshop: with music or themes of your choice! Recent themes include the WAP routine, Magic Mike, Destiny’s Child, Brittney Spears, Cheer-dance and more!

Grown Up Sports Day: where we put a Strong + Bendy twist on the classic primary school event!

We make sure the Stag or Hen is the centre of attention and you can bring your own booze!

Got a specific idea for your hen party activity at Strong + Bendy that’s not listed here? Get in touch, we’re always up for new ideas! Rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk


Other cool East London Stag + Hen Party venues…

Ballie Ballerson

After your Hen Do workshop at Strong + Bendy, why not head over to East London’s ball pit cocktail bar? They’ve got 1 million balls in their fabulous Shoreditch location, and you are sure to have a laugh! We love that, just like Strong + Bendy they don’t take themselves too seriously and are all about the fun!

Hackney Funhouse

Ran by the famous immersive events company Lollipop, this local venue spreads out over 2 floors and has food, drink and fun galore! Check out their events page for immersive experiences and if you go, definitely try their sourdough pizzas!

Moo Canoes

How about jumping on a canoe, kayak or paddle board on the canal? A lovely way to see a different side of Hackney Wick and if any of your Stag or Hen party fall in the water – you can always nip back to us for a shower!!

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