Standard Issue Podcast: Benefits of outdoor classes

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Standard Issue Podcast: Benefits of outdoor classes

By Faye Bell (Studio Founder)

Standard Issue Podcast

Thanks to the amazing Jen Offord who kindly gave me the platform to discuss (amongst other things) the benefits of outdoor exercise classes on her brilliant Podcast The Standard Issue.

You can listen to the whole episode here.

Outdoor Gym Hackney Wick

Jen visited our beautiful studio in Hackney Wick where we did an outdoor workout in our fitness garden and discussed the benefits of outdoor workouts.

Many studios have pivoted to include an outdoor offering in order to safely offer classes during Covid restrictions. Business owners have been inventive using everything from rooftops, park workouts and courtyards.  However luckily for us having an outdoor workout space wasn’t something we quickly built to respond to restrictions, it was something we could see the benefits of long before any of us had even heard of coronavirus!

Beautiful outdoor fitness garden

Our fitness garden where we hold out outdoor classes is closer to a playground than a typical gym. One of the things we touch on in the podcast is the fact that exercise being a playful part of your life is something that sadly gets lost as we get older. We believe fitness shouldn’t get monotonous or be a punishment for what you ate just because you’re not a kid anymore!

Will people keep doing at-home workouts?

Jen understandably asked if fitness apps and at-home workouts will mean people will no longer need to come to a studio? My answer is of course a resounding ‘no’. People turned to what was the only way to keep fit while fitness studios and gyms were closed, but I firmly believe that nothing replaces the quality of workout you get when face to face with a brilliant teacher and certainly nothing beats the comradery of a busy class, particularly an outdoor class.