personal training

Studio owner, Rhian Cowburn, offers Personal Training at Strong + Bendy.

In addition to a Diploma in Personal Training, Rhian is also qualified in Pop Pilates, TRX, core conditioning, and kettlebells.  She has a long list of her own sporting achievements behind her including; endurance triathlons such as Ironman and The Warrior,  long distance swims such as the Dart 10km, along with extreme upper-body challenges such as Red Bull’s Neptune’s Steps (the world’s only swimming and climbing event held in ice cold water).

Strong + Bendy is kitted out with pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, battle-ropes, slam balls (+ more) so no session will ever be dull.  Rhian is also available for sessions outside of Strong + Bendy when needed (E.G. for triahtlon training).

Rates per hour:

1 session £65 / 10 sessions £600 / 20 sessions £1,100