outdoor circuits

We run 2 different types of circuit training in our beautiful outdoor exercise garden. Both are challenging but short classes that will keep your heart rate up throughout. 

strength circuits

Expect banded pull ups, TRX suspension trainers, gymnastic rings, slam balls and battle ropes. This is a high energy, tough workout that also includes some of the technique needed to learn how to master pull ups.

tabata circuits

Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training that consists of eight sets of a fast-paced exercise performed for 20 seconds with a brief rest of just 10 seconds. You’ll move through 4 stations; battle-ropes, skipping, TRX and a bodyweight move. 

These are outdoor workouts. Our garden does have some protection from the elements, but please dress accordingly. No refunds will be given for bad weather, we run the class rain or shine!