We’re so excited to welcome our amazing customers and instructors back to Strong + Bendy.  With our large ground-floor studio which opens onto our outdoor exercise garden, you won’t find another studio better placed to keep you safe while bringing back the fun of group exercise! 

Here are our coronavirus plans: in some areas we’ve gone beyond the requirements stipulated in the government guidelines. 

Our policies will continue to be reviewed and updated in-line with government guidance. 

In summary:

  • Weather permitting, and where appropriate, classes will be delivered outdoors 
  • Strict 2 metre distancing indoors 
  • Strict 1.5 metre distancing outdoors 
  • The doors and windows of the indoor studio will remain open during classes for ventilation
  • Back to back / side to side positioning indoors and outdoors 
  • Sanitation of all equipment between each use
  • Regular hand washing encouraged and sanitiser provided 
  • Dettol spray provided in bathrooms
  • Frequent deep cleaning 
  • Controlled flow of people in/out of the building and to/ from toilets 
  • Shower area closed until further notice
  • Classes where social distancing cannot be maintained (such as boxing with pads or dance) currently removed from the schedule 
  • Circuit style classes that required sharing of equipment currently removed from the schedule 
  • More flexible cancellation policy for those showing symptoms/quaraneeting
  • Members to bring their own yoga mat to limit sharing of equipment   
  • Our own ‘track and trace’ system implemented
  • A capped number of memberships to limit the number of people utilising the space and mixing with one another


We’re lucky to have a ground floor studio that can stay well ventilated. Please bring extra layers for indoor classes just in case it’s a bit chillier than usual. 

Outdoor classes 

We have an all weather policy for our outdoor classes. If it’s raining: we’re still training! For Kettlebell Classes this means we’ll modify to keep you safe. For example: squatting kettlebells, but not swinging or pressing overhead. Our canopies offer some protection from the elements, but the garden is not entirely under cover. 


As we are able to control social distancing both indoors and outdoors, customers and instructors will not be required to wear masks. However, you are welcome to wear one if you wish to. 


Equipment such as kettlebells and yoga blocks will be deep cleaned thoroughly and frequently, but we also need your help to clean equipment after each use. 


We request that you bring your own yoga mat and sanitise it upon entering and leaving the studio.  


Hands-on assistance 

No hands-on assistance will be offered in any of our classes.

Showers / Changing 

Please arrive in your exercise kit with minimal belongings with you. The shower area will be closed, but the disabled toilet can be used for changing if urgently needed. 


The lockers are out of use to avoid crowding inside. 

For outdoor classes each person’s storage point will be marked. Belongings will remain outdoors, but under cover from the rain. For indoor classes, you will keep your belongings with you next to your mat. 


Facilities will be disinfected before and after each class. In addition, for peace of mind, a dettol spray will be provided should you wish to use it. 

Cancelling a class due to Covid-19 

If you cancel a class due to coronavirus symptoms or as you’ve been advised to quarantine, we will credit your account even if our usual cancellation window has passed. You must let us know before the class begins. A credit will be issued and your account will be put on hold until a) you’re able to demonstrate a negative test result or b) your isolation period is complete (currently 1 week for symptoms/ 2 weeks for quarantine: but please refer to current government guidance).  

For all other circumstances we operate a 12 hour cancellation window. This means if you cancel 12 hours or more before the start of the class you’ll still keep your class credit and can use it against a future class. If you cancel less than 12 hours before the class start time the class credit will be taken from your account. If you book onto a session within 12 hours of its scheduled start time, you are unable to change or cancel it.

Reporting Covid-19 symptoms 

If you show coronavirus symptoms or have a positive test result and have visited the studio in the last 2 weeks, you must let us know. 

Whilst not mandatory according to the government guidelines for gyms, we will notify all people who have been in the same class as you. 

Turns out someone in my class has Coronoa Virus – what happens? 

If we discover that you have attended a class with a customer or instructor who subsequently tests positive or shows symptoms of coronavirus we will let you know. The government guidelines do not mandate this, but we feel it’s our responsibility. 

We will consult the latest government guidelines with regards to testing and / or the requirement to quarantine. 

Due to our strict mitigating measures it’s extremely unlikely that you will have contracted the virus, even if someone else at the studio is infected.  


We will share requested information with the government’s track and trace system should we be requested to. 

Outdoor classes: what you need to know  

  1. Arrive in your kit with minimal belongings 
  2. Drop your belongings at a marked point. Belongings will remain outdoors, but undercover. 
  3. Wash hands at the outdoor sink. If you’re waiting to wash your hands, please keep your distance from the person in front of you  
  4. Head to a marked ‘zone’ in the exercise garden. 
  5. For KettleBell classes, the instructor will call each person in turn to collect and return their equipment to avoid crowding. Use the disinfectant provided to spray the handles before and after the class. 
  6. Please head inside only to use the bathrooms. 
  7. We will sanitise the equipment and bathrooms after each class and will be carrying out frequent deep cleaning. 

Indoor classes: what you need to know 

Arrive in your kit with minimal belongings.  

  1. Wash hands at the outdoor sink. If you’re waiting to wash your hands, please keep your distance from the person in front of you. 
  2. Remove your shoes at the door. Store them and your belongings beside your mat. 
  3. Roll-out and sanitize your own mat using the antiviral wipes and sanitiser provided.   
  4. At the end of class please sanitize your mat and the areas you have touched around it using the antiviral wipes and sanitiser provided. 

We will sanitise the studio and bathrooms after each class and will be carrying out frequent deep cleaning.  

The credits you’ve been allocated for socially distanced classes were calculated as follows:

The value of the credits you had left on your account were calculated. EG if you had a membership including 10 classes for £80 and had used 3 of the classes and had 7 left, the value left on your account was £56.

The new cost of a socially distanced class is £20, therefore someone with £56 credit on their account would be allocated 3 socially distanced classes.

We provide everything you need for your class, but please bring your own water bottle.

If you identify as female, we have showers and changing. If you identify as male, we only have changing. Please bring your own towel.

Please arrive 10 mins before your class start time and remember to check-in on the iPad in the studio.

We have lockers, which take a £1 coin.

If you want to visit Strong + Bendy regularly, a membership is the most cost effective way to do so. If you sign up to a membership via our website your card will be automatically charged each month and your membership will renew.

However, you are not tied into a minimum period, just email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk and you can cancel at anytime.

The classes included in your membership must be used within the month and do not roll over.

Classes are subject to our 12 hour cancellation policy; if you cancel your class more than 12 hours before the class start time you get to keep your credit to use against another class. However if you cancel less than 12 hours before the start time this will be use up one of your credits.

If you run out of classes more can be purchased either on our website or via Mindbody app. If you regularly use more than your class allocation you may want to discuss upgrading your subscription to unlimited access.

All classes must be booked in advance by logging into your account on our website, or by downloading the MINDBODY app and searching for Strong and Bendy.

Studio owner Rhian Cowburn offers Personal Training at Strong + Bendy.

In addition to a Diploma in Personal Training, Rhian is also qualified in POP Pilates, TRX, core conditioning, and kettlebells.  She has a long list of her own sporting achievements behind her including; endurance triathlons such as Ironman and The Warrior,  long distance swims such as the Dart 10km, along with extreme upper-body challenges such as Red Bull’s Neptune’s Steps (the world’s only swimming and climbing event held in ice cold water).

Strong + Bendy is kitted out with pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, battle-ropes, slam balls (+ more) so no session will ever be dull.  Rhian is also available for sessions outside of Strong + Bendy when needed (E.G. for triahtlon training).

Rates per hour:

1 session £65 / 10 sessions £600 / 20 sessions £1,100

No all classes must be pre-booked either via our website or MINDBODY app.  We cannot accept cash or face to face bookings.

You can cancel a class the same way you booked in; via our website or the MindBody app.

We have a 12 hour cancellation window. This means if you cancel 12 hours or more before the start of the class you’ll still keep your class credit and can use it against a future class.  If you cancel less than 12 hours before the class start time the class credit will be taken from your account.

If you book onto a session within 12 hours of its scheduled start time, you are unable to change or cancel it.

We are nice (promise!) but please don’t ask that we credit classes back onto your account you either cancelled late or did not show up for. It’s against our nature to be strict, but we have to be in order to run a viable business and keep Strong + Bendy open for the customers who love visiting us.

If a class is at capacity a waitlist opens up.

If you’re on a waitlist for a class, please regularly check your emails as if someone cancels their reservation you will be automatically added onto the class list and notified via email.

No, only show up if your account shows you as booked in.  We’d hate to have to turn you away.

Please bring your own water bottle and sweat towel, otherwise we provide any equipment you need to do a class. You’re welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you like, but we provide very grippy Lifeforme yoga mats.

If you miss the warm up (the first 5 – 10 minutes of class) it may not be safe to participate so we would have to turn you away. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

If you identify as female we have showers and changing for you. We provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash but please bring your own towel. If you identify as male we have changing for you.

When pregnant typically you can continue exercising at the same level of intensity you were used to pre-pregnancy. However, as a general rule it is not encouraged to increase the intensity of your exercise once you are pregnant.

Please let us know if you are pregnant so we can give you the extra attention and reassurance you may need. Faye (one of our Studio Directors) is trained in pre and post pregnancy pilates and exercised all the way though her own pregnancy. She’ll happily answer any questions: faye@strongandbendy.org

For yoga we have classes specific to beginners – look out for those on the schedule. For all other classes we welcome beginners and there’s always modifications in each class to make the exercise appropriate to all fitness levels.  If you’re new to exercise or have any concerns about getting back into it – let us know. We’d be very happy to offer advice over the phone before you book in.

It’s often possible to accommodate an injury or pain you have by modifying the class to suit your individual needs. It’s really dependent on the severity of your complaint.

Often participants come with mild knee, ankle, wrist, and lower back pain; which can be worked around. It’s a good idea to come early to class to discuss your needs with the instructor.

You can buy one off classes or a bundle to tide you over until your subscription renews. You can buy them the same place you book into your classes (either via our website or the MindBody app).

If you’re consistently exceeding your class limit it will be more economical for you to upgrade your subscription to include more classes each month. You can email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk to help chose the right package for you.

There is no end-date to your membership, payments will be taken on a rolling monthly basis until you email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk to cancel.

You can cancel at anytime.

No if you don’t use all of your allocated classes in a month they don’t roll over into the next month.

If you’ve recived a text or email offering you to bring a friend for free the following terms apply:

The friend must never have visited Strong + Bendy before (either by booking directly with us, or via partners such as MoveGB and ClassPass)

Email rhian@strongandbendy.co.uk or reply the text you received to book your friend in, you must provide their full name, mobile and email

Does not include workshops or special events.