Pop HIIT Pilates

Pop HIIT Pilates

*Pop Pilates will resume from May 17 when our indoor studio re-opens. In the meantime, check out our full schedule of outdoor classes held in our fitness garden  from 29th March 2021.*

Pilates inspired moves and high intensity interval training

HIIT bodyweight training and Pilates inspired core moves are choreographed to pop music in this unique class exclusive to Strong + Bendy.  

If you’re a fan of traditional Pilates, but have craved a little more excitement or energy in your classes, you’ll love Pop HIIT Pilates.

It’s great fun but expect mega ab and thigh burn for days afterwards. 

“Where have you been all my life?” we hear you ask!

Equipment free workout

This workout uses just your own bodyweight and a mat. Expect high intensity moves like mountain climbers, combined with traditional pilates moves such as roll-ups, rockers and hundreds.

How to book 

All classes need to be booked in advance (no walk-ins):  single pass, class bundle & membership options are available. . 

Weather permitting, Pop HIIT Pilates classes are held outdoors under our beautiful willow tree and canopy shades with a minimum of 1.5 m between mats. 

If held indoors, mats will be positioned 2 metres apart and the windows and doors will remain open onto our garden for ventilation (so please bring an extra layer just in case!). Due to Covid-19 our instructors are not currently offering any ‘hands-on’ assistance and we request you bring your own mat.  

Please check our FAQs for more information around the measures we’re taking to keep our instructors and members safe. 

Pop HIIT Pilates this week

Strong + Bendy Classes

Meet The Team


Jay | Boxing & HIIT delivered with East End charm.


Mouse + Rhi | Strong + Bendy founders: putting the win in twin since 1984! | Pop HIIT Pilates, Battleropes, Kettlebells & PT

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Caroline | Facilities Manager | If it looks nice, smells nice and works properly – that’s all thanks to Caroline! The heart of Strong + Bendy.


Vicky | Offers powerful and vibrant Vinyassa flow sequences that move around the mat.


Hongyi | Brings kindness & calming energy to Vinyassa & Yin classes.


Mara | Delivers inspiring Vinyasa flow sequences with a playful approach.


Grace | Powerful but welcoming Vinyasa flow yoga from a friendly northerner (+ our BFF!)


Katy | Our pocket rocket: big workouts from a small package! Battleropes, Circuits and Pop HIIT Pilates.


Fatoumata | Brings intelligent sequencing and calming energy to Vinyasa Flow Yoga.


Mel | Free flowing and upbeat Vinyasa Flow Yoga with a focus on listening to what your body needs.


Chloe | Bundles of joy and body positivity in CheerFit and Dance Workshops.


Shaun | Specialises in Desk Therapy Yoga combating aches and pains from desk based work.

Jessica Penelope Elaine

Big Jess | Studio Hound | Queen of Rest Days

Little Dug

Studio Hound | Romanian rescue living his best life. “Having teeth is over-rated….”


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